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In addition to our business we are also engaged in social welfare. Instead of sending Christmas presents we have decided to begin with the long- term support of children in need at the organization called “Kindernothilfe”.

This organization takes up and develops worldwide projects involving whole families and village communities in particularly poor areas. In our case we support the work in India and we hope you will join us in this.

The “Kindernothilfe”, which is a certified charity recognized by the German Institute for Social Matters/DZI, has chosen us a new child to support as unfortunately young Kevin Daniel has been withdrawn from the project by his parents.

His name is Akash from the Gujarat district. He is 11 years old and goes to school at the “Methodist Childrens Home” in Godhra. His carers and teachers describe him as a lively lad. Any contributions from us/you that exceed the accepted sponsorship level for Akash are used to support children and families in the supported group who have not yet been allocated a sponsor.

Projectreport 10/11 (Download)

If you are interested in a sponsorship of your own there are numerous serious organizations available.

For “Kindernothilfe” please click here:

We thank you for your understanding of this decision to cease with the sending of Christmas presents.